The English language is filled with surprisingly fun facts and beginnings – many of them originating with translations from French to English. Here are a few of them with explanations of how they came about: Caddie (golf term) When Mary Queen of Scots went to France as a young girl, Louis, King of France, learned […]

Omnishambles Results in Cakepop-Filled Food Baby

Translation: Too much overeating of cake on a stick results in a protruding stomach. Probably this ends in a “vom” situation which, at this point, may just be TMI! Yup, this is the newest generations contributions to the Oxford English Dictionary. Acronyms, shortened verbs and nouns, and the merging of two or more words and […]

Three’s the Charm

Three’s the Charm … When it comes to writing or speaking about your interests, it’s understandable that you want to share as much as possible with your audience; however, the listener (or reader) will only retain a certain amount of information at one time. Three points on any one subject can be remembered without difficulty, […]

There’s 9 Ways to Skin a Cat, But 3 Dashes Can Do You In!

Hyphens, n dashes, m dashes ­­ – Oh My! The English language and its rules of grammar can drive even the most fastidious and fussy writer a little batty! The thing to remember here is that there’s more leniency in today’s writing than ever before. Having said this, we have prepared a very simple primer […]

English: Not for the Faint of Heart

When you think of countries where English is spoken as the primary language, Canada and the United States typically come to mind. It might be surprising to learn that, based on statistics gathered between 2003 and 2012, Canada places 10th on a long list of countries where English is spoken as either a first or […]

Practice Makes Perfect: Writing Tips

Writing comes easily for some – not so easily for others. Being good at everything is not realistic, but if you have a passion for something that is not a natural fit for you, there are ways to hone your craft. If you take a look at athletes, for example, you may find that they […]

Ghostwriters: No Longer Invisible!

Ghostwriting has a long and glorious history of which most people are unaware. The reasons are many and varied, and of the long list of unaccredited works, many are noteworthy. A majority of ghostwriters today are hired to write vanity books: the personal legacies of well-to-do individuals. However, it did not start out this way. […]

Answers to cleverest slogans: 1. Nike 2. Wendy's 3. DeBeers 4. Clairol 5. American Express