Here’s what our clients are saying about us …

Recently our company contracted with TULU to install a Procedural Manual in our main office. We had no idea how quickly it would be utilized in our daily operations.

When I was transferred from the sales department to logistics, the manual that you prepared made the transition all the easier… and was able to follow it without a hitch.

Thank you for this system. It has proven to be a great investment …allowing for little to no downtime when transitioning from one department to another.”

Tyler A., Elite Media USA


“ … these pages are great. As someone who majored in accounting just so I wouldn’t have to write essays, I marvel at your talent!”

Wendy B., WSI Internet Consultant


These are great samples… I know you will do great for us!” “What talent you have! God has blessed us with you. I love it all. Happy holidays!”

Beverly L., Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry


Thank you for your help, you did a good job!”

Michelle W-E., Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry

 “Put your nice touch on it, you do wonders with words!! Thank you so much for your help.”

 Gudrun A., Jusuru Independent Rep


“… I really like the second draft.”

Adam H., Linda A. Gary Real Estate


I just read your second set of ideas. I really liked them!! These ones were great …”

Brandon K., Kapgun Media LLC


“Thank you for your follow up with content writing, blogs and your tech-match service. I don’t have time to manage my social media myself so these services have provided me with what I need without tying up my time. I’m really happy that you can update all of my social media such as Twitter and FaceBook accounts as well.”

Michael H., Tradition Furniture Restoration