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Branding is a way to uniquely identify and differentiate one product, service or company from another. Yet, it goes even further than that. Professionally created branding can be one of the most effective ways of imprinting that company’s message on a customer’s mind, above and beyond the message of its competitors.

TULU works in conjunction with your advertising plan, creating taglines and slogans that immediately go to work for you; branding and building through word imagery that grows incrementally as it becomes recognizable on stationery, packaging, websites, commercials, in jingles and on manufactured products.What Is the Difference Between a Tagline and a Slogan?

Tagline: A tagline tags along, staying with the company or product name. It rarely changes, as it is synonymous with the product brand.

Slogan: A slogan is a call to action. Companies with many different products may use many different slogans, identifying each one of these products.

TULU takes great pride in offering this service that takes creative genius paired with a strong background in language and language roots. To inquire about our tagline and slogan packages, please inquire here.

5 of the Catchiest, Cleverest Slogans… Ever!

  1. Just Do It!
  2. Where’s the Beef?
  3. Diamonds are Forever
  4. Does She or Doesn’t She?
  5. Don’t Leave Home Without It!

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