Speech Writing



The art of speechwriting can be compared to poetry, for it requires insight and understanding of the subject matter. It needs to reflect the voice and convey the message of the speaker. When you contract with TULU for your speeches, you receive a dedicated professional who, along with excellent writing skills, has your best interest at heart.

An in-depth interview is conducted to find out more about:

  • You and/or Your Company
  • The Topic/Message/Product/Service
  • Your Listening and/or Viewing Audience TULU creates a dynamic opening, solid core and memorable closing. Speechwriting is much more than an essay; it combines information, personality and knowledge of your audience. We collaborate with you in a team effort – dedicated to making you look good in front of your colleagues and clients. We recommend that you make your inquiry with ample time to complete the project in an unhurried fashion. The less pressure applied to the speaker, the better the outcome.

Know your Audience

When you speak to your audience you must become one of them. Imagine sitting in the audience listening to you!

Are you bored, restless, falling asleep? Or are you captivated by changes in tone, a little levity, and new information?

Writing relevant and entertaining content for a speech can be a “make-it or break-it” moment for a speaker. Even though the speaker knows what they want to say, do they have the right words and know how to express it?