According to the online Miriam Webster Dictionary, the origin of the word Service goes back to Middle English, from Anglo-French servise, from Latin servitium condition of a slave, body of slaves, from servus slave. First Known Use: 13th century. Their definition includes the following:

  • To repair or provide maintenance for and
  • To perform any of the business functions auxiliary to production or distribution of

TULU believes that services should be congruent with the nature of one’s industry and support the efforts and end result. In other words, using all of your resources to fulfill your customers’ expectations.

These days B2B and B2C marketing strategies are technology based utilizing numerous new methods of advertising within the dictates of shrinking budgets and growing geographical territories. It is understandable that small to midsized companies cannot afford to staff full-time social media writers and techs. However, there is a simple solution: TULU.

TULU steps in and facilitates the creative process, aligning you with the right tech for your needs. In a very short time your social media campaign is on track and reaching your targeted market, stimulating growth-potential through alternate resources.

We offer a free one-hour consultation that focuses on your industry, target market, expectations and budget. Your specific requirements are outlined in a proposal custom designed for your business. Our team of experts makes you look good. TULU is a local outsource option – one that speaks your language and puts you first. Now is the time to get on track to reach and broaden your customer base through professionally written content supported by tech pros that know how to distribute it.




Our Services

Proofing & Editing
It is not enough that the editor restructures your phrasing and the proofreader replaces a colon with a semi-colon. The proofreader and editor work together as a
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Website Content
Knowledge of a service or product is the first step of the process by which a writer conveys the very best of the clients’ company. It takes a wordsmith with
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Blogs, Tweets & Facebook
For those of you who are not yet “Social Media” literate, here are some quick definitions
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Tag Lines & Slogans
Branding is a way to uniquely identify and differentiate one product, service or company from another. Yet, it goes even further than that. Professionally created branding
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Custom Manuals
Every company has methods – ways of functioning on daily, weekly and monthly bases. For this reason, TULU devised wonderful templates to accurately document your company’s routines.
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Ghost Writing/Bios
TULU has just the ghostwriter for you and the right package that includes editing and proofing – all under one roof. Find out more about our services
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Speech Writing
When you contract with TULU for your speeches, you receive a dedicated professional who, along with excellent writing skills, has your best interest at heart.
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Product Descriptions
How important are product descriptions? Quite frankly they’re everything. Descriptive words are the difference between ordering a hamburger with onions and ordering
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Press Releases
A press release is a shout out to the media – a noteworthy event or occurrence that puts someone, something or somewhere on the map. You want to entrust this critical piece of journalism to a reliable source.
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Marketing Literature
Our world today may be high tech, but a well-put-together flyer, brochure, pamphlet or postcard adds a tangible hard-copy backup to the message that you expedite through the virtual world.
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