Proofing & Editing



It is not enough that the editor restructures your phrasing and the proofreader replaces a colon with a semi-colon. The proofreader and editor work together as a team to shine the best possible light on your content. There are some who think that editors and proofreaders provide the same service; that they are interchangeable words for the same function. They are not. An editor is responsible for:

  • Style – maintaining continuity in all aspects of your writing
  • Clarity – making sure the reader understands what you are conveying
  • Content – removing and adding to your content to fully enlighten your reader
  • Distance – standing back and taking an unbiased, third-party look at your first draft

A proofreader steps in as a part of the final process: after the editor has cleaned up the work for style, clarity and so on. Proofreaders take responsibility for the following:

  • Spelling – since the advent of texting spelling has dramatically changed, however, when reading a good novel use of their, there and they’re makes a difference!
  • Grammar – misplaced modifiers and dangling participles do not allow for clarity and enjoyment when reading either professional journals or page-turning mysteries.
  • Punctuation – run-on sentences and poorly placed commas, semi-colons and quotation marks are indicators that the services of a polished proofreader were overlooked.

TULU takes great pride in offering these two services: Services that are as important as the actual content. To learn more about these services and receive a quote, just click here.

Good, better, best
Never let it rest
‘Til the good is better
And the better best!

When it comes to proofing and editing, the tweaking process is as important as creating the content.