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How important are product descriptions? Quite frankly they’re everything. Descriptive words are the difference between ordering a hamburger with onions and ordering “a perfectly grilled juicy burger topped with golden caramelized onions.” While a picture is worth a thousand words, when pictures are not a part of the advertisement words are the one and only vehicle to convey the advertiser’s message. Whether your product is food, sportswear or diamonds, TULU articulates and creates the perfect language to describe your wares. We understand that it takes money to make money, so our solution includes pricing that does not rely on volume orders. We offer one-product-pricing and complete-catalog-pricing, depending on the scope of your project. To get a quote, inquire here.

Concerned that the product descriptions in your catalog are boring, repetitive and lack pizzazz?

Go to your Roget’s… immediately!

Adorable accessories can also be:
charming, cute, darling, enchanting, lovely and whimsical!

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Product descriptions for print and digital menus and catalogs
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