Press Releases



A press release is a shout out to the media – a noteworthy event or occurrence that puts someone, something or somewhere on the map. You want to entrust this critical piece of journalism to a reliable source.

TULU has a team of writers, each with their own fields of expertise, ready to let the town, country and world know what you’ve been up to!

We help promote:

  • Small Businesses
  • Independent Contractors
  • Corporate Companies of all Industries Press Releases have a job to do – leak information as quickly as possible to the public. Closely related are News Releases and Presale Pages. News releases are intended to make announcements similar to press releases but are generally not as urgent. Presale pages are informational lures to a coming attraction (product, service or event) before it is available to the public .It can also be used as an invitation to a private sale or event prior to the general public’s accessibility.

Whether you’re joining a firm, changing professional direction or have received a promotion, TULU takes charge and illuminates your message. To receive more information about press releases contact us now.

“Just the facts, ma’am.”

Press releases are fact-based examples of advertising. For this reason including a quote from a reliable source, such as the CEO of your company, or the director of a related trade publication, adds greater value to your press release.