Omnishambles Results in Cakepop-Filled Food Baby

Translation: Too much overeating of cake on a stick results in a protruding stomach. Probably this ends in a “vom” situation which, at this point, may just be TMI!

Yup, this is the newest generations contributions to the Oxford English Dictionary. Acronyms, shortened verbs and nouns, and the merging of two or more words and you have a language that Grams and Gramps (may they rest in proper English peace) would never understand. Mom and Dad are struggling as it is! Right, wrong or otherwise, it’s the way of the world. In an attempt to “get with the times” and keep with the times, we are offering up a sampling of some of the most recent additions to the English language (just a few, from A-C):


  • apols –  Short form (informal) for apologies
  • A/W – Abbreviation for autumn/winter; specifically fashion industry
  • babymoon – The last hurrah (romantic getaway) before baby arrives
  • balayage – A graduated technique of hair coloring as to appear natural
  • bitcoin – Banking digitally (it seems that money may soon be obsolete)
  • blondie – Pale vanilla or butterscotch cake yumminess (see cakepop)!
  • buzzworthy – As in noteworthy – especially when it comes to media coverage
  • BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – to work. Not to be confused with BYOB!
  • cakepop – Chocolate, blondie or red velvet – iced cake yumminess on a stick
  • chandelier earring – A tiered style of earring that is elaborate and decorative
  • click and collect – Buy online and pick up at an old fashioned brick and mortar store

You can check out more English word additions and decide for yourself: Awesome or abomination! Here is a blog that gives quarterly updates:


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