Mumbo Jumbo



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About the Book

Giving merriment and giggles the starring role, Mumbo Jumbo takes children and adults on a poetic journey where silly collides with serious. From the innocent years through to adolescence, readers are effortlessly led through a child’s world, while gaining a deeper appreciation of life’s tender, terrifying and truthful moments.

The variety and diversity of these poems takes a fresh approach with this eclectic, well-paced, collection: Eggs with Ketchup expresses a child’s preferences, Rainbow Rider articulates a child’s discovery of individuality, and Stranger in My House and Here with Me describe the frustrations that many children experience with their brothers and sisters. The Truth About Orange, Smelly Clean and Laughter 101 are just about good old fashioned fun!

Deborah Desser-Herchan’s lyrical literature is captivating as rhymes, rhythms, catchy phrases and honest sentiments underscore life, and the realization that both parent and child are growing up together.

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