Marketing Literature



Our world today may be high tech, but a well-put-together flyer, brochure, pamphlet or postcard adds a tangible hard-copy backup to the message that you expedite through the virtual world.

The smaller the piece of advertising – the higher the importance and impact of each word. We can concisely get your message across on anything, from a business card to a multi-paged brochure. To get a quote on any form of marketing literature, inquire here.

From a few bold words on a billboard to even less on a postage stamp, TULU can create the message on the marketing materials that gets people talking. This is one of those times you want them talking about YOU!

Ask about our multi-quote bundles combining marketing and other writing services.



If you want to draw the right customer to you, you need to be aware of what goes into your marketing campaign.

Figure out the demographic you want to target, pique their interest and harvest the resulting leads.

There are tried and true methods for targeting a market and harvesting leads, but it takes a wordsmith to dazzle and keep the customer’s interest in what you are selling

Drab dialog dulls and distances your demographic.

Brand with Brilliance—
Be word savvy in your marketing campaign!