Ghost Writing



When you consider how easy it is to publish a book these days through self-publishing companies, you might wonder why more people aren’t doing it. Many people from all walks of life have interesting stories they wish to share. Why aren’t they writing books?

The truth of the matter is that not every interesting, imaginative or educated person has the talent and skill to create a full-length novel. It takes proper planning and understanding; getting across to the reader the intended message and establishing plot, creating believable characters and building up interest. Ghostwriters are hired to write all types of books and a good many of them today are of the vanity genre. Patriarchs and matriarchs want to leave their families a legacy that won’t be erased by time or diminished memory and forgotten facts.

TULU has just the ghostwriter for you and the right package that includes editing and proofing – all under one roof. Find out more about our services here.

I just read your second set of ideas. I really liked them!! These ones were great …”

Brandon K., Kapgun Media LLC


“Thank you for your follow up with content writing, blogs and your tech-match service. I don’t have time to manage my social media myself so these services have provided me with what I need without tying up my time. I’m really happy that you can update all of my social media such as Twitter and FaceBook accounts as well.”

Michael H., Tradition Furniture Restoration

Put your nice touch on it, you do wonders with words!! Thank you so much for your help.”

Gudrun A., Jusuru Independent Rep


“… I really like the second draft.”

Adam H., Linda A. Gary Real Estate