Custom Manuals



Someone once said, “Those who can’t do teach.” There may be some truth to this statement. Teachers are the foundation of education and at TULU we like to think that, while we can’t possibly know and understand every type of industry, at the very least we can learn enough to properly document and ease employees into their new positions.

Every company has methods – ways of functioning on daily, weekly and monthly bases. For this reason, TULU devised wonderful templates to accurately document your company’s routines.

There are three different types of manuals that we provide:

  • Systems
  • Operations
  • Procedures

TULU Customized Manuals

Each of these serves a purpose and, in some cases, may be used in conjunction with one another. To find out more about our different manuals, please contact us.


  • This is a made to measure flow chart for the Chief Systems Officer of your organization or head of your manufacturing department.
  • These manuals are more technical in nature and outline the step-by-step critical stages that a company (geared toward manufacturing) must follow for a seamless conveyor belt process.
  • They outline the incremental facets of systems that generally are one of a series of steps leading to an end product.


  • The blueprint of the inner workings of your company in hard copy format for the new head of the department.
  • This manual breaks down the functions of the company by department and then further breaks down each department for better comprehension.
  • The operations manual eases the new head of the department into your company with a smaller adjustment time period and a higher rating among the staff.


  • Introduces temporary, new or existing employees in departmental transition, to the step-by-step process of taking care of business at their workstation.
  • A hands-on guide that delivers from the largest down to the smallest components of the tasks outlined in their job description.
  • The complete “how to” hard copy that alleviates most of their questions and constant disruption of your busy day.

The End Result

TULU has a system that supplies you with:

  • The manual of your choice: Systems, Operations or Procedures.
  • Consultative logged hours notating the details that support your company’s procedures, operations and/or systems manual.
  • A finite quotation of hours, manpower and length of time to complete your project to your satisfaction based on our in depth analysis.