TULU is an acronym for The Universe Lines Up. Its creation is unique in that it did not start out as a content company specifically, but as more of a conceptual think-tank: the goal being to bring wellness to others. It morphed rapidly as it became apparent that written and spoken words hold great energy. The power of this energy manifests itself in every facet of everyday life – personally and professionally.

To bring the power of positive thinking to the forefront of business, TULU began helping others through genuinely expressed and creatively produced  advertising content.To date, TULU has helped many market their companies effectively through integrative services such as website content, regularly scheduled blogs and news releases. TULU’s team of professional writers, editors, proofers and SEO experts has more than five decades combined of relevant experience. Their mastery of these skills is identified in each page of copy that they write, edit and market.

Our Company’s Motivation

We won’t get too existential but we will explain why we exist: To help you. Simple.  Our mission statement can be expressed in the following way …

“To conscientiously guide our client through the various stages of producing original, catchy and thought provoking content in all areas of their business.”

Furthermore, TULU is never comfortable with mediocrity, is perturbed at those who plagiarize and overjoyed when you discover that words do have a huge impact on the consumer!

Recently our company contracted with TULU to install a Procedural Manual in our main office. We had no idea how quickly it would be utilized in our daily operations.

When I was transferred from the sales department to logistics, the manual that you prepared made the transition all the easier… and was able to follow it without a hitch.

Thank you for this system. It has proven to be a great investment …allowing for little to no downtime when transitioning from one department to another.”

Tyler A., Elite Media USA