Three’s the Charm

Three’s the Charm …

When it comes to writing or speaking about your interests, it’s understandable that you want to share as much as possible with your audience; however, the listener (or reader) will only retain a certain amount of information at one time.

Three points on any one subject can be remembered without difficulty, which is to the writer’s or speaker’s benefit – after all, you want the knowledge you are sharing to be remembered and, hopefully, shared many times over with others, increasing your credibility and status in this particular area.

Proceed with Caution

Speak and write in the same pattern throughout your speech or essay. The repetition of introduction of each point, and manner in which you give the information for each of the three points, will allow the audience or reader to absorb more than if you change the pattern. A simple example of this is in numbering; you wouldn’t start out by saying or writing 1, 2, 3, and then change to D, E, and F.

Review, Reiterate and Retain

The last paragraph or part of your speech should link together prior information – a short review of what was shared.

Reiterate the important points: your listeners or readers will appreciate this.

As your audience files out of the hall, chatting about your speech, you will be confident that your information was received and retained – ready to be shared with others. The same goes for your white paper or essay. The reader will be sure to pass along to others what they learned.

If preparing an outline for a speech or white paper is challenging for you, TULU can guide and help you make your next public talk or paper a manageable task and a glowing success.

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