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Social. Media. These have got to be the two busiest buzzwords in today's vocabulary! TULU Creative Content understands that making your way in the world of technology, while keeping up with changing media platforms, algorithms, industry presence, current trends, and marketing can be overwhelming and lose you in a maze of confusion.

Getting picked up by search engines is trickier than figuring out the train schedule from the suburbs to the city. And the fact is it's moving at a faster pace than ever before. At one time a business card, a listing in the Yellow Pages® directory and a local newspaper ad meant you were on your way. Today, it's as difficult as figuring out the stock market.

Social media platforms keep popping up, algorithm is no longer just a term in advanced math and writing code requires a technology expert who keeps up with constantly changing criteria.

Your placement in the hierarchy of search engines' page one, directly under the paid ads, is based upon elements such as:

  • Key word rich content – meaning the right key words as well as the right amount. Too many, or not enough, can hurt your site's content and chance of reaching your target audience. The majority of potential customers look at first page only when conducting a search.
  • Fresh and relevant content – search engines pick up new content much like a hound dog picks up a scent; they're wired for it. Regular updates keep website content fresh.
  • Links, tags, blogs and the like – each and every component of a site is crucial. A missing link in the chain of anything results in a major malfunction, obstructing your company's success.
Customers need to reach you as quickly as possible, so your visibility on the web is imperative. TULU Creative Content is your outsource solution.
  • No extra people on your payroll
  • Quality content delivered directly to your inbox
  • English spoken, written and understood as a first language
  • Quick response to all inquiries and satisfaction-based performance
TULU Creative Content fulfills your company's content needs: press releases, blogs, pre-sale pages, Tweets, FB statuses, website content, tag lines, slogans, product descriptions, speech writing, operational manuals and much, much more. We align with web designers and certified SEO specialists to create a site and business that performs above and beyond your expectations. Instead of feeling out of the loop and hoping your company doesn't suffer because of it, take a look at our services and find out how to stay current, fresh and fully active in the world of Social Media.


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Blogs, Tweets & FB
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